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The Camp Rules

We want everybody to enjoy their week and to experience the amazing camp life. All children are encouraged to talk to a member of staff if they have any concerns or questions. Children can also text or whatsapp in confidence to 07821 361 186 and staff can then deal with any issues without using names. We ask that everyone treat their fellow campers and staff with respect.

1. No Bullying

Campers are not permitted to engage in any form of bullying - whether verbal or physical towards another child, member of staff or member of the public.

2. No Wandering Off

Campers are not permitted to leave the camp or any skatepark by themselves. They must always be accompanied by a member of staff.

3. No Vandalism

Campers are not permitted to vandalise or ‘muck around with’ any property of the camp or another camper. Any property damage will be charged for.

4. No Alcohol, Smoking, Vaping or Drugs

Campers are not permitted any kind of alcohol or drugs on camp - nor is smoking allowed. This will be reported and mean immediate removal from the camp.

things to pack

The Packing List

Excited about a week away from home? Riding loads of the best skateparks with pro riders? Meeting new people and making new friends? Just don’t forget to pack the essentials!

Check items off the as you pack them to keep yourself organized!

We recommend that children do not bring fragile or high value items on camp - but we appreciate that many children like to film their riding, or use social media during the week etc - but please be aware that Rubicon takes no responsibility for lost or damaged items such as these:

A Message from Geoff (Head of Camp)

“At Camp Rubicon we just want everyone to have an amazing week of fun – we therefore take a very hard line with any form of bullying.

We encourage all the children on camp to talk to staff if they notice anything or experience anything, so that it can be dealt with quickly and with minimum of fuss. These chats will of course be kept confidential.

Bullying can take place in many ways – whether it is by teasing another child, excluding another child, being mean towards another child or threatening another child – and it can be done through an individual or a group of children.

There is no excuse whatsoever for any form of bullying – and the staff will deal with it very seriously as it could have a major impact on the enjoyment and safety of a child.

The staff are always available to talk to – and have been trained to keep a close eye out for any early signs of inappropriate behaviour – as well as help all children settle in to life on camp – and what might be their first time away from home.


Contact Us

Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm Telephone: +44 (0) 845 83 84 662 Email:

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