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Below is a list of some of the frequently asked questions from parents – please take time to have a quick scroll through them – but if you have any other questions, please get in contact. Remember if you would like more information about food, accommodation, staff, price, dates etc, then please click on your sport in the main menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both boys and girls who are 9 years or older are welcome on any of the ‘classic’ or ‘vip’ camps. Our camps are most popular with 12 to 16 year olds but we also get many who are both younger and older. The important thing is that the child is happy being away from home by themself for a week. For the Girls Only Camp, there is a far wider age range.

On every camp there is always a mixture of abilities – however the camps are not really suitable for complete beginners. This means that if you’ve literally just gone out and bought your first skateboard or scooter, then you might find the camps a bit intensive. Campers should at least be happy with the basics and know how to use a skatepark safely. Get in contact if you’re unsure.

Campers MUST be dropped off before 10am on Monday morning – and picked up on Friday between 5 and 6pm. You can find map and directions to the camp below.

The Birmingham area often suffers bad road congestion both on Monday mornings and Friday evenings, so please consider your travel plans.

We recommend allowing an extra hour for your travel as arriving late will mean the child misses the first day of riding.

We have put together a special packing check list for parents and children to refer to. Please follow this link.

Everything on camp is taken care of including food three times a day and entry to any skateparks – however some parents like to send their children with a little money for extra snacks or to buy new parts etc.

Last year, children came from 16 different countries to take part in the camps.

The closest airport to fly to is Birmingham Airport. Children usuallly arrive on Sunday in order to be ready for the start of camp. We can collect from the airport (£30) and provide the extra night of accommodation and food (£30).

Children can also be returned to the airport on Friday evening or Saturday morning (£30).

If children stay for a full weekend in between two camps then the  cost is £60 per day.

Any questions or to discuss travel arragnements please get in contact.

As shown above, normal drop off is on Monday morning and pick up on Friday evening – if however you would like to drop your child off on the Sunday evening before camp, this is usually ok – providing it is arranged 4 weeks in advance of the camp start date. There is a £30 cost just to cover the extra nights accommodation at camp, staff supervision and food etc.

Likewise if for any reasons, a Friday collection is not possible, then it may be possible to stay at camp until Saturday morning. (The same £30 a night cost)

If children are travelling by themselves to Birmingham by train, then arrangements can be made to collect them on the Sunday – but only from Birmingham International station. There is a £30 cost for a member of staff to do this.

If a child is doing 2 weeks in a row and wants to stay at camp on the weeekend in between, please note this is £60 per day.

Please remember that ALL travel plans must be agreed 4 weeks before camp starts.

Yes, of course. These days most children have their own mobile phones anyway – but if your child does not have one – or decides not to bring one – then you can contact one of the camp leaders. This is usually either Geoff (07821 361 186) or Liam (07813 994 038).

Please note that during the days we are very busy so do not be worried if we can not answer our mobiles immediately. Please leave a message. You can also contact the camp office on 0845 83 84 662.

Trasnport is normally a couple of 15 seater minibus equipped with seatbelts. Depending on the size of the group there may be an additional 9 seater minibus or car, again equipped with seatbelts.

The camps are based at: Peck Wood Centre, Rowney Green, Alvechurch, Worcestershire, B48 7QE. This is basically on the crossroads of Rowney Green Lane and The Holloway road. The postcode may take some satnavs into the village but the Centre is right on the crossroad.

Please note that the location of the Summer skateboard camps may change but we will inform you if this is the case by the end of February.

Anytime up to 1 month before your camp start date, upon notice of cancellation (e-mail or telephone call), all fees minus £60 processing charge per child are refundable.

Cancellations within 30 days of your scheduled arrival will not receive a refund. Depending on availability it may be possible to transfer the camper to another week or postpone the place to next year.

By signing your child up for camp, you:
– understand that you are allowing your child to participate in an extreme sport that can result in injury or death.
– understand that you waive any and all claims for personal injury, illnesses or property damage against Camp Rubicon.
– you authorise the staff at Camp Rubicon to act as your childs guardian and act according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention.

Camp is an exciting experience that we and the children often like to document through photos and videos that we most commonly share online.
– I give Camp Rubicon the right to film and photograph my child during the weeks camp.
– I give Camp Rubicon the right to use any recordings in any future media or reporting.

We advise that children do not bring items such as tablets, laptops or any other non-essential possessions with them on camp.

Camp Rubicon is at no time responsible for any items brought on camp and all children are responsible for looking after their items both at camp and whilst at skateparks.

Camp Rubicon will where possible help locate any items but are not responsible for any lost property.

If parents are concerned with their childs property, we suggest taking out insurance for the 5 days.

Lost property is collected during the camps and after the season is over, items that can be identified are sent back to the owner.


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