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Soly Bloomfield joins the Easter crew

Wow, the Easter Scooter Camp line-up is looking crazy with Soly Bloomfield (Dominator) now joining Dante Hutchinson and Jamie Addison! It’s an awesome way to start the year and the riders for the Summer are gonna be just as epic so get yourself signed up soon. Until then enjoy this edit ft. Soly, Dante, Jamie and others. Peace.

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An Indoor Park Every Day for 2017 Scooter Camps!

We’re excited to announce that in 2017, every day during each Scooter Camp we will visit one of the UK’s very best indoor skateparks such as Adrenaline Alley, Beast Ramps, Ramp 1, Rampworx, Terminal 1, Creation, Rush, Deeside etc. Almost all of these parks now have great features like foam pits and resi ramps to help you learn new skills, aswell as having a huge range of flow ramps, bowls and street sections. We’ll often stay at these parks all day and evening as there’s so much to do! Sometimes the parks even lets us come early before they open to the public or let us stay late with a private lock-in! Be sure to let us know if you have a favourite and maybe we can fit it in during the week! We might also fit in a few tasty outdoor skateparks too if the weather is nice and we want to ride late or break up a car journey. All the dates for 2017 are now live on the website and bookings have begun so be sure to sign up soon to get the week you most want.

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McLeggon and Grindley join the Skate Camp line-up

We’re stoked to announce that Lloyd McLeggon and James Gridley are joining the list of pro’s helping us this Summer. Both these lads have been slaying the scene for a long time but already this year James got invited out to Berlin by Nike SB to skate with Ishod WaiR – and then just a few weeks ago he took 1st place at the MegaDriveway Jam at Empire – whilst Lloyd recently got a full section in the Mouth of the Ribble film and also added another sponsor to his growing collection with Butta Wax. We’re hyped to have these guys in the mix and it’ll be awesome to see what they can do as we spend a week visiting a whole bunch of great skateparks with them and a crew of young shredders. They’re going to be kicking off the Summer camps for us, so if you want to ride with these guys specifically then get one of the last few places on the July 18th week – or sign up for any of the other 5 weeks this Summer holiday. And remember every kid on camp gets an exlcusive Camp Rubicon deck too! Check out an edit from…

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Leo Spencer, Harley Harin and Connor Burger all set for Easter

What a line up of pros for the Easter Scooter Camp! We’ve got Leo Spencer, Harley Harin and Connor Burger from Sacrifice Scooters all set to join the action. All 3 of these guys have a distinctive riding style and arsenal of tricks, so it’s gonna be awesome to spend a week with them visiting loads of different skateparks! If the weather’s half decent, we’ll probably hit up at least 10 skateparks, maybe more – so if you want to get one of the last places on the camp, sign up soon – and remember every camper at Easter is also receiving over £100 worth of free product!

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Rubicon Skate Camp Poster 2016

We can’t wait for this years camps to start as we’ve got an amazing line up of riders confirmed and some great product to give away to everyone! In terms of riders we’ve got guys joining us from some of the biggest brands like Girl Skateboards, Lakai, Get Lesta, Animal, Theeve, A Third Foot, Jart, Drawing Boards (and many more)! And in terms of product, every skater will get an exclusive Rubicon deck (plus some other things)! Check out the latest skate camp poster below and be sure to share it online with you friends (there are share buttons below the picture). [The UK’s original skate camp. 10 years and counting.] Be sure to follow us on facebook and instagram for all the latest news, photos and videos.

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Easter Scooter Camp Video

Special thanks to Jake Hughes for this steezey edit from the Easter camp featuring Tom Mudie, Tom Wheatley and Felix James-kraan, with cheeky cameos from Danny Roberts and Jacob Probert. Style for miles. Incredible week – hitting up 12 skateparks in 5 days – and insane to see how quickly the kids progress!! Thanks for the support from Command Crew, Flavor UK and Elite Scooters. The Summer is filling up fast so get signed up here soon: www.camprubicon.com/scooter

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New Scooter Camp Promo Out

Big thanks to Bagginz Media for putting together this awesome promo video for our Scooter Camps. It captures everything that makes the camps so awesome – the tricks, the parks, the atmosphere, the people… can’t wait for all this years camps – gonna be amazing! Still got tonnes of pro riders to announce including Ryan McNamara, Tom Mudie, Kallum Kerrigan, Danny Roberts, Lewis Crampton, Harry O’Donoghue etc!!!! Get signed up soon – every camp has limited places… wwww.camprubicon.com/scooter

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She’s Back!! Dora Horvath returns for Girls Week

Super happy to announce that Dora Horvath (Rogue, Roam & Seek) will be joining us again as one of the sponsored pro riders on Girls Week!! Always a whirlwind of incredible tricks and determination, we were stoked for her that after our camp last Summer she got her own signature deck with Rogue Skateboards. On top of this she always brings a big smile to camp and is super helpful and friendly when helping the newer girls learn to skate. As always the camp is open to all ages and abilities – and its a great opportunity to learn to skate in a fun and friendly environment, just with girls. As an extra bonus this year – every girl will be getting 2 decks!! Come join the fun this Summer. Full info and sign up here.

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Video: Summer Fun with Rubicon Skate Camp

One of our favourite skate camp edits (thanks to Olly Bennett) from the Summer of 2013 – showing off the total skatepark annihilation by that weeks young guns (with help from Wallace, Hewett and Else). Awesome vibe – amazing to see the Euro and UK skaters tearing the place up and having a whole load of fun. We visited a huge number of parks (thank you sunshine) and definitely made some crazy memories!!

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