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Jamie Addison joins Scooter Camp for first time

Excited to announce that Jamie Addison (Root, Scooter Farm, Tortoise…) will be joining our camps for the first time at Easter. He’s been slaying the scooter scene for years and he’ll be joining Dante Hutchinson on camp as we spend the week having fun and touring around loads of great skateparks. Please note that the Easter camp is already full but there are still spaces available on all of the 4 Summer camps (although some are also close to full). See you soon and until then enjoy Jamie’s ‘Welcome to Root’ edit above.

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Cam Butterworth joins Skate Camp list

Hyped to have Mr Cam Butterworth (Herbal Skateboards, Butters Apparel) join our Easter Skate Camp line-up. Always a load of fun and with a crazy bag of tricks, he’s a great addition to the Easter rider crew alongside Alex DeCunha. There’s no places left on the Easter camp unfortunately but if you’re not already signed up for a camp then check out all the Summer dates available and grab a spot – as we’ve got some exciting rider announcements coming soon. Check out this Easter 2015 edit featuring loads of clips and Cam and the gang!

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Camilla Mullins joins Girls Week

Stoked to announce that Camilla Mullins (Rokeo) will be joining us[image][/image] on Girls Week. She’ll be on hand to help girls learn some new skills and tricks – and will undoubtedly be throwing down plenty of hammers of her own at all the parks we visit! Last year she came 2nd in the Girl Skate Jam and 1st in the pixels YouTour comp which meant she go to hit up Gran Canaria with the Shiner crew! She also won the Jam at the awesome popup skatepark that was setup in Selfridges a few months back! Check out her awesome ‘Welcome to Rokeo’ edit below, as well as her killer 2013 edit below and soak in the great photo from Jenna Selby of Camilla at the Girls Jam. We’ll see her and Dora and all the rest of you in a weeks time! So hyped! Make sure you’re following us on facebook, instagram and twitter to follow all the action!

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Jamie Hewett Returns

Brummie ripper Jamie Hewett (Ideal, Bandit) will be back for his third year. He’s had a crazy 12 months since we last saw him on Camp – it started off with a great session at Volcom Wild In The Parks, followed by a brutal hall of meat level slam at Flo Skatepark that took him out of action for 3 months, but then he bounced back with a double page spread in Sidewalk Mag, released a sick promo edit, demo’d for a week at The Gadget Show and he’ll be hitting up the Shop Comp for Ideal at the Addidas Skate Copa this weekend! Always a camp favourite with his crazy level of hype and you can check out photos and videos of all these things below. [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

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Josh Cox joins BMX Camp

Excited to announce that Josh Cox (DK, Fist, Custom Riders, Bawbags, Iron Fist) will be joining Jack Clark on the pro rider line up for BMX Camp this Summer! [image][/image]Josh is out in France at the moment for the Watsa Festival and FISE World Series Contest but you’re bound to have seen him before when he’s been smashing it at Simpel Session or taking 1st place at the Bedworth Jam. So if you’re ready to join him and Jack for a week long residential skatepark tour then get signed up for the August 18 to 22 week. Last year we hit up 12 different skateparks in 1 week and we’re looking to hammer that this year! As well as the latest flyer featuring Jack, we’ve also included below his awesome ‘3 Days In Scotland’ edit for DK Bikes – as well as a featured edit for Vital BMX. The Summer has landed! [image][/image]

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Jack Clark on BMX Camp

We’re proper hyped to announce that [image][/image]Jack Clark (Haro, Vocal, Vans, Custom Riders, Moore Large Distro, Extreme) will be joining us on BMX Camp this Summer! He’s been smashing the UK and Euro scene for a while now so you’re bound to have seen him at some of the big comps like Simple Session and NASS and in the last few years he took top honours at King of Croncrete, 2nd at Boardmasters and 3rd at Braaab – not to mention his World First ‘180 Triple Bus’ at the FISE World Series! So if you’re ready to join him and other pros for a week long residential skatepark tour then get signed up for the August 18 to 22 week. Last year we hit up 12 different skateparks in 1 week and we’re looking to hammer that this year! As well as the latest flyer featuring Jack, we’ve also included below 3 of his awesome edits – his Power Hour edit at Motion Skatepark – his Vocal Signature Seat Promo edit – and his Fast Forward video interview – for you to get hyped on while you wait for camp. The Summer has landed! [image][/image]

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Luke McManus on last Skate Camp

Luke McManus (Krook3d, Ideal, Get Lesta) will be rockin Skate Camp for the final week of the Summer. For those that didn’t read his First Light in Sidewalk Mag back in Feb, or see him win the Pixels YouTour comp after that or see his What’s Cookin’? part last month, let’s just say that this guy is killin’ it right now! Stoked to have him join us. Photo (right) is Nosegrind at UK Champs 2012 (c) Mpora. #camphype Get Lesta 'WHAT'S COOKIN'?' – Part 9: Luke McManus.

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Ryan McNamara starts the Summer

This lad needs zero introduction after coming 2nd in Scoot Fest in 2012 (narrowly missing out to Dakota), [image][/image]releasing his own pro model Signature Invader scooter for Grit earlier this year (personally designed), coming 4th in X Fest in May and recently qualifying top 10 at the ISA European Championships for the ISA World Finals in August!! He’s got an arsenal of tricks, a collection of awesome edits, worked on the first ever UK Scooter Camp last year and is back again to launch the Summer in style (July 22 – 26). We’re hyped to see Mr Ryan McNamara return to Scooter Camp action and with kids coming from as far away as Spain for the opening week of Summer camps – they are in for an absolute treat. Check out his Mac Daddy Promo video below and also his Grit UK tour to California video below. Another level. (Photo \ SuperMan Air \ Billericay \ Credit Jack Szukalski) (Video \ Credit Johnny Cooke)

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Phil Parker on Skate Camp

Only 3 weeks till the Summer holidays start and we’re stoked to announce that Phil Parker (Converse, Fifty Fifty, Pass Port) will be joining us on Skate Camp 31 (Aug 12 – 16). [image][/image]Bristol-based Phil has been all over the skate-radar recently with his awesome section in the Perfect Blues DVD (watch below) (film by James Harris), earning a Sidewalk Wallpaper last month with a monstrous frontside wallride (photo Leo Sharp) (see right) and also a fun game of skate edit when Fifty Fifty celebrated 15 f**kin years at the DC Embassy (watch below). Hyped to have him on camp!

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Dave Wallace to kick off the Summer

The Easter skate camp was epic (edit coming soon) but now all the hype has turned to the 5 camps coming up this Summer – and what better way to kick things off than with Dave Wallace (Osiris Shoes, Haze Wheels, Landing Headwear, Rufus Skateshop, Advita Wear, Vibe Gum, Karma Co). He’ll be rocking the first week (22 – 26 July) and with his super casual style, arsenal of tricks and crazy habit of never riding regular, he’s sure to get everyone amped up! He’s been all over the skate radar these last few months – taking 2nd in the Full Clip Friday Contest run by Paul Rodriguez – releasing a tidy edit for Landing – another edit for Haze – another for Osiris – not to mention his part in the newly release Perfect Blues video which premiered in Feb – and you can check ’em all out below! Photo is from Dave’s First Light in Sidewalk Mag – Front Blunt taken by Rob Shaw. Summer hype officially on!

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