Curtis Jehsta on Summer Camp

It’s almost 6 months away but the last week [image]curtis jehsta[/image]of the Summer skate camps just filled up after a bunch of 13 mates got together and group booked all the remaining places! Alot of these guys come from Winchester so we thought: what pro rider can we get to join them to close out the Summer in sick style? Easy. Curtis Jehsta (Expedition One, Supra, Dephect Clothing, Quintin, Reskue and Willbox) who is a Winchester lad himself. He’s all over the radar at the moment having just released an amazing Barcelona edit (see below) hot on the heels of a great Dephect Skate Edit and a wicked DC Embassy Edit.
Take 3 minutes to soak this in…

Even though this camp is now full – as is the first week of the Summer (!) – there are still places available on the middle week. Get signed up fast.

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