Girls European Skate Camp 2013

A week long residential skate camp just for [image]IMG_0951a[/image]girls is happening this Summer. Open to girls of all ages and abilities – join us – and visit the cream of British skateparks and learn from professional riders like Andrea Wilshusen (Creme), Emma Richardson (Spread Eagle) and Julia Wilshusen (Etnies). Skate and enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and every girl who comes on camp will receive a nice goodybag of free product from the sponsors!! Last years camp (pictured) was so amazing and you can check out a bigger gallery here. An unforgettable week!

[image]girls skate camp 2013 v1.2[/image]

Discounts available for girls who are travelling from abroad – just drop us an email to arrange.

13 thoughts on “Girls European Skate Camp 2013

    • Camp Rubicon says:

      Hi Mary, no you’re definitely not too old. Last year we had a big mix of ages and a bunch of girls in their 20’s. It was a really cool and relaxed vibe all week – and this year with Julia, Andrea and Emma onboard, we’re sure it will be fun!

      The camps normally cost £360 all inclusive for a week. This means all your food, drink, accommodation, skatepark entry, pro riders and any other stuff we do. Plus you get some nice free goodies from all the sponsors!

      We can do discounts too for any girls who are travelling (or give us a good reason) so just get in touch.

      Summer Hype!

  1. Isabel says:

    I live in Spain and want to come. My flight arrives on Sunday though – is it ok if I come to the camp early and stay there? gracias!

    • Camp Rubicon says:

      Hi Isabel,

      That’s no problem. Anyone who arrives early at the weekend can just come and stay with us at the camp – at no extra cost. We can just chill, go for a skate, watch some movies, play some Xbox, have a BBQ, whatever.


  2. H says:


    I’m 34. Can I still come? I love skating but I’m a bit rubbish so I’d love to get the chance to do nothing but skate for a week!

  3. bex says:

    Can you send me more details…. where to pay, how many spot are left etc etc…… if Im a total beginner…. ( i snowboard and surf…) and Im errhmmm 35… is that a problem??
    many thanks

  4. holly says:

    what do you mean by beginners I’m 12 and I’ve never been 2 a skate park before I love skateboarding around my village I’m from England but I cant even Ollie yet, but I can skateboard on any surface quite well

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