2014 Dates And News

What an amazing year 2013 was for Camp Rubicon! The 6 weeks of Summer alone saw 168 kids from 16 countries clocking up 146 skatepark visits with 22 pro riders! So much fun – so many new friends – and incredible stories!

[image]bmx pic[/image]We’re always aiming to make the camps better than ever and so for 2014 there are lots of small and big changes in the works including…

2014 Dates. Click Here! Starting in February Half Term and running all the way through to October Half Term. More weeks including an earlier ‘Euro Week’ in the Summer for our international friends. Also ‘Back To Back’ weeks for those kids who want to come for multiple weeks. Please book early as each week has limited places.

Fridays Extended. In the past, camp finished at 3pm on the last day but now we’ll keep going till later – giving us a fuller final day of riding – and also making it easier for parents to come and collect after work.

Indoor Only Camps. We’re introducing ‘Indoor Only’ Camps where you’ll spend the week at 5 of the UK’s biggest and best indoor skateparks. (Don’t worry we’re still doing our normal camps too where you’ll visit a mix of 10+ outdoor and indoor parks)

Flexible Payments. We’ve introduced flexible payments for 2014 to make it easier and more convenient than ever to pay for camp. You can now split the cost of camp and pay half now, half next month or even spread the cost over 6 months! (You can of course still pay in full!)

[image]IMG_0976aface[/image]Sponsors & Pros. We’re working with sponsors in a new way. Each sponsor will now sponsor just 1 camp (rather than all of them) and we’ll only have their pro riders on that week. This will hopefully mean even better free goodies and also more big name pros to ride with.

Early Discount. If you sign up for a 2014 Camp before January you can book any camp at the old 2013 price of £360 all inclusive – where as the prices will all increase in the New Year to factor in alot of rising costs. (Don’t worry the normal camps will only increase a very little bit but the ‘Indoor Only’ camps will probably be at least £40 more expensive to help towards the cost of securing all day and evening sessions and lock in’s at the biggest indoor parks)

See you there! New parks, pro riders and sponsors being announced over the coming months!


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