Caradog Emanuel on Skate Camp

Hyped to announce that Welsh shredder Caradog Emanuel (Kill City, Krux, Momentum, Shiner, City Surf) will be joining us on Week 4 of the Summer Skate Camps! [image]caradog-emanuel-backside-kickflip[/image]At the end of last month Kill City released his awesome part for the new Overdose film (see below), he’s also busy filming for the new Cardiff Scene video ‘No Time Like The Present’ (see trailer below), he’s had recent parts in the Shiner Section for Perfect Blues (watch here), the opening section in ‘Now! That’s What I Call Skateboarding’ (see here) and plenty of clips in the follow-up ‘Black And Decker’ edit (see here)! That’s not even mentioning his Rookies Section for Kill City or even his Curtain Call over at Redbull. They summed it pretty well:

“What makes skateboarding different from sport is that, when all the stairs have been counted and stunts logged, ultimately some people are just more exciting to watch than others. A creative spark, a sense of recklessness, an unusual technique – something which makes you sit up and take notice. That’s Caradog…”

Can’t wait for the Summer. Get signed up!

Photo (c) Jerome Loughran

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