Jake Taylor, Kallum Kerrigan and Will Prentice on Euro Week

First the bad news – Euro Week is full! In fact we even expanded it as we’ve got riders coming from France, Israel, Scotland, Ireland and England. But the good news is that they’ll be joined by Jake Taylor, Kallum Kerrigan and Will Prentice for a week of hitting up tonnes of different skateparks and having plenty of laughs.

It goes without saying that they’re all sick riders but if you want a mini profile on them there here it is: Kallum is the man behind the LDN Street Jam, big chunks of what you read on Scoot Mag and has just launched SRO Distribution – Will is the owner of Supremacy, Elite and Revolution Supply Co – and Jake rides for Elite (ex MGP) and has got World First tricks under his belt like a 2 man nothing front scooter!!

Proper hyped for this week but no more spaces unfortunately – but be sure to get signed up for another Summer week as there are plenty of other great riders in the mix such as Ryan McNamara, Danny Roberts, Karim Lizana, Lewis Crampton etc.

Photo (c) Liam Eyes of Jake Taylor

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