Girls Skate Camp 2012 Gallery

There were alot of amazing camps this year – some that stand out for their level of riding – some for the parks visited – some for the crazy atmosphere – but the first ever Girls Camp had it all – and was absolutely awesome!!

Girls of all ages came from all over Europe to skate and play – under the watchful eyes of pro riders Kristina Westad and Emma Richardson (with Geoff and Greg in support). It was wicked to see how quickly everyone bonded and had fun – and also how much everyone improved in just a week – and really made the most of all the parks visited.

Seriously can not wait until next year!! If you’re female and enjoy skating or want to learn – sign up now for the most fun you can possibly have!!

5 thoughts on “Girls Skate Camp 2012 Gallery

    • Camp Rubicon says:

      Emma Richardson (UK) – Spread Eagle
      Andrea Wilshusen (Spain) – Creme
      Julia Wilshusen (Spain) – Etnies

      I’m sure we’ll bump into more pro riders during the week too!

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