Jamie Hewett Returns

Brummie ripper Jamie Hewett (Ideal, Bandit) will be back for his third year. He’s had a crazy 12 months since we last saw him on Camp – it started off with a great session at Volcom Wild In The Parks, followed by a brutal hall of meat level slam at Flo Skatepark that took him out of action for 3 months, but then he bounced back with a double page spread in Sidewalk Mag, released a sick promo edit, demo’d for a week at The Gadget Show and he’ll be hitting up the Shop Comp for Ideal at the Addidas Skate Copa this weekend! Always a camp favourite with his crazy level of hype and you can check out photos and videos of all these things below.

[image]james hewett saidewalk witness[/image] [image]james hewett wild in the parks[/image]

[image]jamie hewett addidas[/image] [image]addidas skate copa[/image] [image]jamie hewett hype of the day[/image]

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