Camilla Mullins joins Girls Week

Stoked to announce that Camilla Mullins (Rokeo) will be joining us[image]Camilla-Mullins-310x464[/image] on Girls Week. She’ll be on hand to help girls learn some new skills and tricks – and will undoubtedly be throwing down plenty of hammers of her own at all the parks we visit! Last year she came 2nd in the Girl Skate Jam and 1st in the pixels YouTour comp which meant she go to hit up Gran Canaria with the Shiner crew! She also won the Jam at the awesome popup skatepark that was setup in Selfridges a few months back!

Check out her awesome ‘Welcome to Rokeo’ edit below, as well as her killer 2013 edit below and soak in the great photo from Jenna Selby of Camilla at the Girls Jam. We’ll see her and Dora and all the rest of you in a weeks time! So hyped!

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