2013 Skate Pros Announced

snaddonInto our 6th year now (or is it 7th?) so what can we do to make the skate camps even more awesome? Of course we’ll try and visit any cool new parks that have opened – and we’ve got our funky new indoor accommodation – but what else? I know! How about getting 7 of the UK’s top pro riders involved like Craig Smedley (Osiris), Joey Pressey (Nike SB), Dan Wileman (DC), Phil Parker (Converse), Curtis Jhesta (Expedition One), Dave Snaddon (pictured) (DC) and Paul Regan (Spitfire)!!!

If you weren’t hyped before – you better be now! Spread the word and sign up for camp. Video below of Wileman and Snaddon to enjoy on this snowy weekend…

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