Awesome New Caterer for Camp

We’re very excited to announce that Camp Rubicon now has an official[image]liam cater for me[/image] caterer! Head Chef Liam Flanagan and his Cater For Me team will now be preparing freshly made lunches and dinners every day. We explained how intense the camps are and he’s come up with a great selection of tasty homemade food (nothing processed) that is healthy and filling without being stodgy. You can see a menu example here and our mouths are already watering! (My personal favourites are the Southern Fried Chicken with Sautéed Potatoes and Coleslaw or the Roast Beef with Roasted New Potatoes, Vegetables and Gravy!!!) What’s also great is that their company is able to work to our crazy schedule – which means we can still spend all day and night at skateparks – and they’ll have the food hot and ready for when we get back! Awesome development and something that will definitely make all the children and parents (and staff) very happy! Super stoked about this partnership.

Let us know your favourites from the menu in the comments.

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