Scooter 2012 Pro’s Announced

We’ve been quietly talking to the team managers of some of the UK’s biggest scooter names to sort out a great line-up of pro riders for you for 2012 and we’re now super stoked to announce that we will have Lewis Williams (Scoot Mag), Ryan McNamara (Grit Scooters), Harry Labbett (Grit Scooters), Tom Muddi (Mutt Scooters) and Jonny Carter (Dogg Scooters).

These guys are some of the UK’s very best riders and each week, two of them will be on hand all week to ride with, learn from and hang out with. They’ll be coming to all the skateparks all day with you, aswell as camping out with you back at base.

You can check out a cheeky little edit below from Lewis who will be coming on the first Easter camp. Get amped – these guys are going to be shutting the parks down!

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